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5 Benefits of Using A Full Service Storage Company

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Putting your stuff into a storage unit can be a hassle.You spend hours packing everything up at home just to spend even more time organizing your storage locker. When you need to get something out, you have to dig through boxes to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you cram so much stuff into your locker that you forget what’s in there. There are even reality shows based around the clutter found in the average storage locker.

LivibleYou can save yourself a lot of stress by going with a full service company. Instead of bribing your truck-owning friends to help you move, you can have a professional team come to your house and pick everything up for you. They’ll even do your packing for you. If you need to take something out of your locker, it’ll be delivered to your door. No more digging through musty old boxes.

Self-storage companies are thriving in cities with a high cost of living. In places like Portland and Seattle, a lot of people can’t afford to have as much as space as they want and still remain in a desirable area. A storage locker is a great option if you don’t have a second bedroom.

Livible, the most popular full service storage company in Portland, writes: “We come to your door, do all the work (even packing for an extra fee) and store your stuff in our warehouse. When you need something, we bring it right back, usually the next day. .”

Still not convinced a full service storage company is the right choice? Keep reading.

1. Stress Relief

This has to be mentioned first because it’s a HUGE benefit. Planning a move is so anxiety-inducing sometimes that it’s become a common joke. Tell someone that you’re moving to a new place and they’re likely to commiserate with you rather than offer congratulations.

Having a professional crew of people handle the packing and transport is a load off of your shoulders. Instead of spending your free time clearing out your stuff and trying to arrange transport, you can put it out of your mind.

A lot of people already hire professional movers to help them into their new abode. So why not have someone prepare your storage locker as well?

2. You’ll Avoid Clutter

You'll Avoid Clutter

Unless you plan on completing all of your packing in one day, moving your stuff into storage creates an annoying amount of clutter. Boxes here, half-deconstructed furniture there. You’ll have to navigate your house like it’s a maze.

Hire a professional and the job can be completed in a few hours.

3. Your Back Will Thank You

Some of the items that you want to move in storage might be heavy or difficult to handle. It’s easier than you think to throw your back out while trying to lift a couch. A huge percentage of the people suffering from back pain first tried to lift an object that was too heavy for them. Moving furniture around is so risky that even doctors warn people to be careful.

Leave it to the experts and you can avoid a painful injury.

4. Your Stuff Will Remain in Good Condition

your Stuff Will Remain in Good Condition

Proper packing techniques are fairly intricate. If your items are carelessly thrown into boxes, they could easily become damaged. There’s a good chance that you don’t know the best strategies.

Additionally, unless you organize your rental van, there’s a chance that your belongings might become smashed in transport. There’s nothing more annoying than finding a ding on your fancy couch or a broken glass on your picture frames.

5. You Don’t Have to Purchase Supplies

A professional crew will arrive equipped to handle the project. You don’t have to spend time buying boxes, tape, furniture covers, etc. Everything that you need will be provided to you and probably at a cheaper rate than what you could get for yourself. A lot of people tend to buy way more boxes than they’ll really need. Additionally, storage companies purchase directly from the supplier and can negotiate better rates.

Professional Storage: The Right Choice

Here’s why a professional storage company is better than a self-service option- it’ll make your life easier. You’ve already decided that you need a storage unit. That means your stuff needs to be packed up. The question is: Should you do it yourself or hire someone else?

Doing it yourself might save you a few dollars in the short run, but it comes loaded with invisible costs. Your time is valuable and packing your belongings on your own could take weeks. For most people, it’s a highly stressful and inconvenient process.

All of that stress can evaporate with a simple phone call or email.

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