Why You Shouldn’t Be Killing the Bees in Your Garden

Bees in Your Garden

Last year sparked a lot of talk about bees and how we are starting to see problems with their population. They may seem like pests to many, and some of us are even allergic to them! However, they play a vital role in our ecosystem.

We need to focus more on the positives and watching them buzz happily around our flowers instead of killing them off because they got in the way of our backyard barbeque. Why you ask, let’s take a look.

What Do Bees Do?

What Do Bees DoApart from flying around and buzzing, their primary purpose is to pollinate the plants around us, especially honey bees. This is critical to a plant’s life cycle as it aids in fertilization, and this creates seeds and further plants.

Around three-quarters of all the crops, we use for food like fruits and veggies require pollinators. If we didn’t have the bees, we would lose a lot of our reliable and necessary food resources.

There are a few other animals around that aid the process, like birds, but bees are fundamental, and if you keep swatting them, you won’t be able to find your favorite foods as easily.

Are They Really in Trouble?

As we mentioned, we keep hearing that bees are endangered and that we need to do something about our attitude towards them to save our ecosystem. It’s true that for many years, the number of bees has been on the decline. So, yes, they are in trouble, and we know it would be detrimental to our food supply.

How to Treat Bees

beehiveOk, you know you shouldn’t be killing them, and taking care of them is beneficial for agriculture and your vegetable supply. You won’t be able to change things on a global scale, but by doing your bit, you will be making a difference, and hopefully, others will follow.

However much they annoy you, don’t end their lives. They don’t harm humans often, far less than wasps, and if you stay away from them, they will stay away from you.

If you want a way to keep them away from your patio and house, why not build or purchase a beehive? You can keep it at the other end of your garden or around your plants. You won’t be producing honey or wax, but at least they will stay away from your proximity and have a place to hang with other bee chums.

You can also use a similar technique by adding more plants, especially ones that are bee favorites, to the far end of your yard, and they will spend their time there. There are plenty of ways to keep them, and you happy without diminishing their population.

Do Your Bit

With these small steps, you can make a difference to the bee colonies in your area. You will be helping to populate them further instead of wiping them out. Pass the word around to family and friends, and see how many you can get on board.

Who knows; in a few years, we might be hearing positive stories about how humankind has begun to help increase the number of bees on our planet. You will be making for a brighter future for generations to come just by helping the little fuzzy critters. Want to find out more about them? Why not read an online blog article to give you more of an insight into how they live and other relevant information on how you can help to protect them.

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