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West Ninth Vintage wall light creates industrial home decor

by DrPrem Jagyasi

This decorative industrial light is a product by West Ninth Vintage that aims at creating a unique collection of old-age, industrial lighting and housewares. The designers have developed this handmade industrial light for homes, shops and offices. The flexible design makes it a functional piece of art as the light uses custom steel pulley wheel and vintage cloth wire for illumination.

Easy to customize

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The idea behind the suspended vintage wall light is to comfort the users by customizing the length of the eight-inches pulley from the wall. Plus, the pendant lamp can also be customized through flexible twisted wire so that you suspend the light according to your requirement whether high or low. The pulley helps in easy movement of the wire up and down. You can also buy a wall light with double pulleys. Moreover, the light has a switch that helps you adjust the light – all thanks to its on/ off and dimmer switch.


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The base attached on to the wall is 3.5-inches and can holds the entire product. The length of the pulley from wall is eight-inches along with a diameter of six-inches, whereas the length of vintage twisted wire is also eight-inches that further helps to hang the pendent freely. Moreover, the product includes a brass pendent light and a heavy-duty light socket of standard size equipped with the on/off switch. The socket regulates 120 volts to 240 volts and bulbs up to 100 watts are acceptable.

The vintage wall light is a piece of functional art that makes a unique home decor piece with the handmade design, featuring a pulley wheel and vintage twisted wire. The easy to customize product allows adjustment of light as high or low you desire. If you want some rustic industrial appeal in your home interior, it’s a perfect lighting unit for you.

Source : Etsy.Com

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