The Ultimate List for Prepping Your Yard for Spring

The Ultimate List for Prepping Your Yard for Spring

It’s that time of the year! Spring is on its way as the days get longer, temperatures get warmer, and the grass starts to turn greener. You can’t wait to enjoy relaxing in your backyard soon enough, as you’ve been down in the dumps after having to schedule an essure reversal and struggling with seasonal affective disorder. Fret not, Spring is almost here, and we’re giving you the ultimate list for prepping your yard for Spring.

1. Clean up Winter Debris

The winter can take a toll on our backyards. Spend a couple of hours combing through your yard to pick up sticks, leaves, or any other debris that may have piled up over the colder months. By raking and getting rid of debris, you help to keep your grass healthy, prevent weeds from popping up, and get your yard in tip-top shape for Spring!

2. Prune Any Trees and Shrubs

Getting your yard in perfect shape for Spring doesn’t have to be too much work, but it is important to keep in mind that plants need regular maintenance in order to stay healthy and grow. This is why it’s important that you make pruning any trees and shrubs a priority. By trimming away branches, your yard will have that clean, crisp, and neat appearance.

3. Test Soil Fertility

It’s not something you might immediately think of you, but you’ll want to consider testing your soil fertility before Spring is in full bloom. The quality of the soil makes a big impact on just how well those beautiful flowers and plants you planted will grow. You can test the pH and nutrient levels of the soil yourself or hire a company to do so. This will tell you just what the soil needs in order to have your yard thrive this Spring season.

4. Check the Lawn for Problem Areas

A lot can happen to your yard over the winter – even if you did an excellent job at taking care of it the season before. You’ll want to do a walkthrough of your lawn to determine any areas that might need some attention like holes, bare patches, or pesky weeds. It’s going to be much easier to take care of this before Spring is in full swing. It will also help your yard to look clean and orderly, which is a must this season.

5. Mulch Flower Beds

If you’re a flower-lover, it’s important that you mulch the beds that they grow and live in. Adding some extra mulch to your flower beds will help them to retain moisture and helps to keep weeds to a minimum. When you go to mulch your flower beds, be sure that you’re using the correct mulch and the right quantity – you certainly don’t want to end up doing more harm than good.

6. Plant Flowers

Speaking of flowers now is the time to start planting them! Planting flowers can be a lot of fun and allows you to be creative with where you want to place them in your yard. Flowers are perfect for adding that beautiful color and life to your yard this Spring.

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