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The secret of enhancing the storage space in your home office

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When you have a home office, sometimes space can be a restriction. Organizing your office in the right way helps to improve your productivity, as well as ensure that you have everything available for you at the right time. Instead of investing in various furniture or products to organize things, here are some innovative and creative ideas that you can use.

Using Mason jars

Mason jars

Mason jars are the perfect way to store things. Store paper clips to your stapler pins and any small items that you need for your office. This helps to save a lot of space and keep things out of harms reach.

Make a separate shelf for your laptop

If you want to save the trouble of having a table, you can opt for a wall mount office table. To make this multifunctional, opt for the ones that have a small shelf outside. This way, you can place unbreakable decor items inside the unit. When you are not using your desk, it serves the purpose of a small decorative shelf and unit. You can also store your immediate important things like your pens, pencils etc.

Folder boxes

Instead of buying readymade folder boxes from the market, you can make them yourself using the hardbound covers of old books. To store your folders you can also have a multifunctional rack and place small sized cardboard boxes with the opening facing you. This way you can see all the folders easily without hunting for anything.

Consider paper clips or cloth pins

If you have a habit of noting things down you can save money by doing this one simple trick. All you have to do is to tie a rope on one corner and place paper clips or cloth pins. Every time you make a note just hang it there.

Plastic folders for storing important mail

Since you are working from home, you can have your very own idea of organizing your mail easily. Use plastic folders for the different types of mails. This will help you to sort out what is important and what is not.

Shelves and racks

Shelves and racks always work beautifully as an additional storage space.  You can use them for various purposes like storing your books, decorative stuff etc. You can also use them to place your printer or fax machine.

Old cups and tin cans for your pencil holder

You can store your pens and pencils or anything that you require for immediate use in old cups and tin cans. This is an inexpensive method and a good way to put old stuff to use. Decorate the tin cans to give it a nice look.

Using canisters or barrens

If you have canisters or barrens, you can always convert them into nice decorative pieces of art. The multifunctional benefits of these items come in handy to store your paper sheets, paper punch and other bulky piece of office equipment.

Wall hanging with storage facility

Another good idea of enhancing the storage space in your office is to go for the wall hangings with storage facilities. These serve the dual purpose of being a decorative piece for your office and allows you to organize small and light stuff like your note pads, extra paper etc.

Hang the phone on the wall

To save the space of having a phone on your desk, consider mounting it to the wall. Although today mobile phones are mostly used, you can never say when a landline may be helpful.  For your mobile phone, consider having a wall-mounted holder so that you can use it whenever you want.  This way it will not come on your way when you are working.

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