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Step by Step Guide to Replace Your Hot Water System

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Hot water systems are one of the most significant components of your home automation system. When they stop working, it looks like a real mess. However, if there’s a problem, there’s always a solution for the same. Unfortunately, if they stop working, you still have the option of replacing them.

In this post, we’ll help you with the tips for hot water systems Ipswich or other places in your surroundings. Continue reading to know more.

The Steps for Replacing Hot Water System


To replace a hot water system, you need to follow some essential steps. It’s always better to hire the services of an experienced plumbing agency to perform the work correctly.

1.      Power off The Water, Gas, or Electricity

First and foremost, you need to power off the utilities of the existing system. Turn off the home’s primary water valve. Then you need to turn off the gas or electricity supply.

2.      Drain the Heater Tank

Arrange a garden hose pipe and attach it to the draining valve of the system. You’ll find it in the bottom-most part of the system. Then all you need to do is to open the nearest faucet. To avoid suction, execute the draining slowly. Put the other end of the hose near the drain. Remove the drain valve to prevent clogging. Once the tank is completely drained, remove the tube after turning off the faucet.

3.      Disconnect the Heater


Disconnect the waterlines from the heater. Generally, they remain connected with flexible hoses.

4.      Replacement of the Old System with the New One

Now you need to remove the old system. Do a routine clean-up of the flooring where the unit was placed. Take the new system, and do a proper line-up. This will help to match the old plumbing with the new system’s plumbing connections. Level it according to your convenience.

5.      Install the valve as well as other Fittings

Install all the necessary fittings that come with the new system. There will be a TPR valve that works as a temperature and pressure reliever. Don’t forget to follow the manual of the manufacturer to complete the installation process successfully. Remember, the process is not as simple as it looks.

If you are not well versed with the system replacement, it’s better to call a plumbing agency for accurate fitting or to look after the hot water systems in Ipswich. Otherwise, it may damage the system, and you may experience a financial loss.

Hope this post helps! Always remember, DIY is fun, but when it comes to complicated installations like a water heating system, it’s better to count on a trained technician. While hiring the plumbing agency, make sure they provide all-around services, including a carbon monoxide test.

This will help you to fulfill your multiple plumbing needs in a single go. Naturally, it will help in saving your valuable time and money. Please feel free to share your insights with us below in the comment section to make them useful for others also.

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