Splyt light – reversible arboreal lamp or chandelier?

Imagine creating your own designs with your bare hands, be it a table lamp or an exotic chandelier. Splyt light gives you the power to decide what you want it to be, with no use of tools and a significantly affordable budget. Just like the regular lightbulb, splyt light uses the regular sockets and connectors for functioning, with the added benefit of being the master of your own art and creating your own unique design with the gear. There are three kits for purchasing Splyt lights: Starter kit, Starter table kit and Expansion kit.

The story behind Splyt

Four years ago, designers and friends Jason and Scott started working on a public sculpture together. Splyt Light came into existence with a vision to provide everyone with the satisfaction and happiness that comes out of creating something exquisite from basic raw materials, while keeping the fabrication process relatively simple.

Splyt Light currently invites supports from design junkies and followers on Kickstarter for production and management procedure to bring the product to the market.

Splyt Y fixture base

The base for creating your own fixture is the Splyt Y base, which comes in both the starter kits and can screw into your regular light socket. This base will then allow you to build your own design by adding desired  fixtures on to the base.

The light bulbs

Splyt light  (1)

Using the regular shelf E12 candelabra bulbs of a power wattage of 10 watts or less, you can choose to add on to the base or subtract as per your design.

The kits

While the starter kits both feature the Splyt base Y , the expansion kit is basically an add on to the starter kits, as well as provides the buyer with additional Splyt Modules and bulbs. The Starter Table Kit is designed for building a table top lamp fixture and the Regular Starter Kit comes without the table base, this kit is included in the Kickstarter Exclusive deal.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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