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Organize the best Sweet 16 Birthday party on a budget

by DrPrem Jagyasi
turn 16

The golden year of your little one turning 16 is a very emotional moment for a mother. For a father the joy of seeing his son growing into an adult is inexpressible. However, when it comes to his baby girl he often sits still and thinks how fast time has flown.

The 16-birthday party is a very special mark for a child. Planning the 16th birthday calls for a very special occasion that should be celebrated amongst close friends and family. Let us look at some budget friendly ways of how you can plan a fun filled 16 birthdays for your soon to be adult.

The birthday cake and menu


If you want to make this occasion a very special one instead of ordering a birthday cake you can choose to make one yourself. This will add a special touch your birthday preparation and help you to save money. If you do not have a hand on baking, you can start learning well in advance so that you can make this day special.

If you plan to order one, you can choose to get somebody known to you to bake the cake. Apart from that, choosing cupcakes instead of a big sized cake is also feasible. If you choose to go for the regular cupcake; you can easily decorate them with some fresh fruits and chocolate sauce.

For the decorations and games

Mason jar centerpieces

Mason jar

Without doubt, a birthday party is never complete without decoration, so one of the best ways you can save money is by doing the centerpieces yourself. Mason jars are a perfect option for any DIY project.

The wall of memories

To customize the decoration, you can choose print out of the different moments you have spent with your little one and make a nice wall of memories. You can also choose to have a table and place the different photos there.

The arch of balloons

turn 16

To decorate the entrance of the venue, you can build your own arch of balloons. This will look colorful and it won’t be too heavy on your budget. You can opt for the extra large size of balloons.

For the streamers and lights

Recycled streamers are a good choice. You can also choose to have Christmas lights running across the place. Artificial flower streamers are another option to consider.

For the games

Choosing fun games will surely leave a memorable mark. Opt for games that are easy to play and understand.  Scavenger’s hunts, Disco ball, Dance the Beat are various gaming options that you can consider. You can also choose the classic games of dumbscheras, tail the donkey and other such fun filled games that will never grow old.

Cook the food at home or opt for the pot lunch option


Cooking food at home is the cheapest way to save money. Learn a few new recipes so that you can impress the guests on the day of the party. Opting for bite-sized snacks will reduce the load of cooking too much.

Pizzas are always a favorite and are one of the best additions to your birthday party. Instead of ordering from outside, you can consider making them at home. To avoid wasting too much of time, you can use bread slices. You also get ready-made pizza base in the market. Just customize the way you want and put it to bake.

A pot lunch is also a great way to organize a birthday. You can ask your close friends and family members to cook up some of the specialties that your kid loves and make the birthday more special.

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