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Introducing a New Dog into Your Home

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Introducing a New Dog into Your Home

Introducing a new pet into your home is an exciting experience, but it needs careful deliberation to make it as successful as possible.

When it comes to dogs, the first few weeks are crucial. The animal needs time to adapt to a new environment, so it can get unnerving if you don’t dedicate proper effort to the process.

As a general rule, you’ll make the transition smoother by making your dog comfortable in the new home. Let’s take a look at the steps to take to prepare for your new pet’s arrival. 

Preparing the Home

Stock up on dog suppliesThe first, and perhaps the most important, step is to ensure your dog has everything they need when they arrive at their new home.

Stock up on dog supplies and have everything ready in good time. Get a bed, a collar and a name tag, bowls for food and water, food and treats, toys, and grooming products. That way, the dog will feel more at home when they first arrive.

Another thing to take care of early on is ensuring your house is safe for a dog. Get rid of potential hazards – from chocolate and houseplants to sharp objects that could harm it. Take a stroll through the household and keep an eye on possible issues.

If you have a garden or a backyard, check it’s secure as well. Your new pet shouldn’t be able to jump over the fence and run away. Come up with a checklist for making your home dog-friendly and check the items off as you go.

Next, create a sleeping area for your new pet. Make sure it’s a safe space. That way, the dog will have somewhere to go and feel good when the home events get overwhelming.

Finally, ensure you have what it takes to take your dog home safely. 

Introducing Your Home

This process includes more than picking up your new pet and carrying them inside the house. It entails showing your pet that you’re in charge of the space. Start with bringing them to the front door and enter first, having your pet follow. Then, take a tour of the house.

Remember, at this point that every door gives you a chance to establish leadership. If you do so consistently, they will understand who the master is. Treat every room of your house the same.

Moreover, don’t talk and use excessive body language during the tour. A new environment is already overwhelming enough for your pet, so you don’t need to add extra stimulation.

When the tour is over, bring your puppy to the feeding area and reward it with some food. Then, go on to the sleeping area and unleash it. That way, you’re letting your dog know that this is their space – if you do it right, it should settle there right away. 

Handling Introductory Anxiety

CBD productsAgain, this process is stress-inducing for your new pet. The process depends on the size of your household and the past experiences of the dog. It can take hours to weeks for them to accept the new space. So, make sure to temper your expectations early on.

Give your dog time to adjust, and your patience will reward you. If you notice your dog still getting anxious after a while, go to a doctor. Your new pet might have suffered a traumatizing experience before that’s stopping it from settling in now.

There are also many products and methods for easing the transitions and tackling dog anxiety. My Cherry Puppy suggests you try out CBD products and many behavioral tricks, which help you both adjust.

The Bottom Line

Remember, even if you do everything right, your new dog might need some time to settle in the new environment. Be patient and don’t expect miracles. Give them and yourself enough time, and you’ll soon have another happy family member.

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