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Murano Plates

Venice can be considered a fundamental city in terms of cultural and artistic development in Italy and Europe. Its beautiful and romantic canals, gondolas and antique palaces are some of the many reasons seven million tourists each year come to visit. Venice delivers a complete package when it comes to vacation experiences. Thanks to the city’s walkability, you can spend hours lost in its beauty admiring every detail of its stunning buildings, you can dive into the past and feel like being in the Renaissance. Visiting Venice on a gondola can be a unique experience with your partner of even with your family. If you enjoy fish dishes, Venice will definitely surprise you: being an island surrounded by the Venetian Lagoon, its cuisine is based on fish delicacies which will give you a taste of the worldwide famous Italian cuisine. After enjoying a tour through Venice’s narrow streets, you can take a boat and get to Murano Island, where you can experience yourself the beauty of this island’s glassware.


Murano is another milestone in Italian traditional craftsmanship, specializing in glassware products. Historically, all the production was located in Venice but due to bonfires, it moved to Murano. In the past centuries Murano provided some of the most beautiful works of art, worthy of being displayed in the wealthiest palaces all over Europe, and now it is still possible to have those precious products at home. Move from shop to shop and admire all the different categories of glassware crafts, from vases, goblets and sculptures up to jewels, plates and drinking glasses.

Decorative Plates

The decorative plates category is certainly one of the most elegant and you can find them in very different styles such as modern, traditional, multicolored, transparent, opaque. At YourMurano you can take a look of each one of them, our fine decorative plates for home décor are realized with the authentic centuries-old techniques of Murano crafters. These decorative plates can bring a touch of elegance and sophistication in your favorite room, capable of embellish the design of your home. Every plate is characterized by colorful details that can be appreciated for their precision and uniqueness. Whether for your own home décor or as a gift for your dearest friends, our Decorative Plates can satisfy any taste, bringing a piece of Italian design with you.

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