Important things to think about before renovating your home


When renovating your home there are so many things to be considered. Whether it’s a new kitchen, extension, conservatory or bathroom, renovating your home can cause a lot of chaos. So what are the key things to think about before making any big changes?

How will it affect the value of your home?

Although you might not be thinking about it now, there may come a time in the future when you come to sell your home. Any improvements or renovations that you make now will certainly affect the value of your home so it’s a good idea to not do anything too rash. It’s advised by estate agents that when making any permanent changes to the exterior of your home to keep in line with the aesthetics of other properties in the area and to consider whether the cost of the improvement will be worth the amount in value that it adds.

What will make my property easier to sell in the future?

As a general rule, the top selling points of a home are the kitchen and bathroom. A relatively new kitchen and bathroom with all the mod cons are what most people are looking for when purchasing a new home and will certainly help to boost the value of yours. It’s advisable to not go for anything too trendy if you’re planning on selling in the near future as interior trends fade so quickly. Something that’s ultra-modern now could look pretty bad in a few years’ time. Good insulation or anything that helps to make your home more energy efficient is always desirable. Space makers such as an attic renovation are also big positives for home buyers so well worth investing in, as are any improvements you wish to make to the fascia and driveway.


Do you have the right resources?

Often, it’s not worth spending thousands on renovating an area of your home that’s not going to have any future benefits. Converting a garage into an extra bedroom for example isn’t advised as most home owners like having a garage in order to store goods or park their car in. The projects that are worth spending money on are ones like these on Quick Move Now which hugely increase the value of your home such as impressive barn and lighthouse conversions.

Renovating your home can be hugely costly but if you follow these tips and do it right, hugely profitable in the long term.

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