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How to choose the right size table lamp for your study desk

by DrPrem Jagyasi

There are many factors you have to consider when you are selecting a lamp. It can add a nice touch to your home decor; you should also ensure that the lighting is appropriate and suitable for you.

The glare of the light should not be so much that it makes you strain your eyes and gives you a headache. Considering that after a certain time get very hot, you have to make sure that it should not be very close to you. The size, finish, and style are some of the deciding factors. As much as lamps are essential, it is important that you place them appropriately so that they don’t affect you in any way.

Tricks to select the right lampshade

The energy saving feature

While selecting a lamp, opt for the ones that will not increase your energy bills. The energy saving option is ideal when you have constant use. The most ecofriendly and pocket friendly lamps are the ones that come with LED lights. The modern design office lamp will surely be a wonderful addition to your office decor.

The height of the lamp

If you are choosing a desk lamp, opt for small sizes. This will help to reduce the strain on your eyes and give you better light while you are working. Since this is portable, you can keep it anywhere you like.

In the case of large sized lamp, make sure that you place it on an appropriate spot. Avoid placing it close to your head. Instead, you can please it by your side or in front of you.

A tip on this front – the lamp placement should always be on the opposite side of the hand that you write with. For example if you are right handed place the lamp on the left side. This will help to prevent the shadowing effect while you are working.

The style of the lamp

Considering that lamps come in various styles, it is essential for you to choose the right one. The style that you choose should not be too big or too small, it should depend upon the placement of the lamp. If you have a lot of space; choose a bigger styled lamp so that you get the light that you desire.

Accessibility and adjustment of light

Consider having multiple switches to turn the light on and off. This will give you better accessibility to your lamp without having to look for the switch. If there is a provision to add a dimmer, then use this option. This will serve the multipurpose functions of adjusting the light the way you want.

The base of the lamp

A stable base is very important when you select a lamp. The base should not be too thin that it falls off easily or too heavy that you cannot move it around. The reason why you should pay attention to this is the potential dangers and risks that come if the lamp falls down.

The lampshade

As much as the designed ones look beautiful, you have to keep into consideration the kind of use you have for your light. Choose a lampshade that will give you enough of light. If there are designs on it, it should not fall on your workspace.

The material of the lampshade

You have choices from paper, cloth, metal and glass that are generally used for the lampshade. Choose the one that is appropriate for your use.  Metal one’s have the durability factor, glass ones are good as a decorative item. The cloth and paper lampshades do serve the purpose but then you have to be careful with them.

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