3 Tips for Building the Perfect Home Office


Planning on working remotely this winter? Whether you have a job as a remote scribe or are planning to work in a hybrid role as you balance family responsibilities this holiday season, the key to maintaining productivity and success when working remotely is having the perfect home office in which you can stay comfortable while getting in the mood to do some work. Keep reading to learn a few simple tips for building and designing the home office of your dreams.

1.  Pick a Quiet Space

The key to staying productive when working from home is limiting distractions during the workday. Building your home office in the quietest location possible is the key to preventing yourself from getting distracted. Opt for a room in your basement, upstairs, or any part of your house that is sectioned off from the rest. Stay as far away as possible from televisions, doors to the outside, or busy rooms like the kitchen or a child’s playroom. If you are unable to choose a quiet and truly distraction-free space, invest in a white noise machine or other device that can provide enough sound to drown out potential distractions without being a distraction in itself.

2.  Choose Comfortable Furniture

One of the biggest perks of working from home instead of in a traditional office is having the ability to choose comfortable furniture. Say goodbye to uncomfortable chairs that leave you hunched over tiny desks; opt for ergonomic chairs that will allow you to stay comfortable during a long day of work. This will not only allow you to stay comfortable and in a better mood during the workday, but will be better for your health in the long run.

3.  Opt for Soothing Lighting

No more uncomfortable fluorescent office lighting when working from home! Try to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible in your home office. If you are unable to find a room with numerous windows and not in a position to add more windows to your space, try to use warm lighting that mimics the natural glow of daylight and can have a soothing effect on the room. This will not only look great but is sure to put you in a better and more relaxed mood throughout the workday, therefore allowing you to stay more productive as you work through important projects and tasks.

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