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Add-On Storage

Thinking about innovative bathroom ideas for your new home, or wanted to give your old bathroom a whole new look. Updating your bathroom in a budget can be a hard task but you can still make way and give your bathroom a new look by considering some budget-friendly innovative bathroom ideas. So plan and gather some tips to give your bathroom a new dimension? Let’s find out

1.     Limit Your Tile

Limit Your TileTiles make the first impression when you enter the bathroom. But at times, tiles get expensive. When you are hiring a contractor, the price can go high. A budget-friendly remodeling bathroom idea is limiting tiles by placing them horizontally. The horizontal strip along with the wall and you can apply paint on rest area where you think paint can do the work for you. You can also set your favorite tiles with the other tile as an accent along with the cheaper tiles. It will highlight your wall and not only attracts everyone’s attention but also saves you tons of money as well.

2.     Modernize equipment

Updating fixtures at your bathroom make big differences in terms of look and design. These little details can change the whole appearance of your bathroom. Change the fixtures, like the sink, showers, drawers, towel racks, and cupboards. The fixtures of your choice can be a little expensive, but you can check out the same items at the much cheaper price by going for the replicas. Yes, look for the sites for the ideas and get the same by buying it at a lower cost. It will change the look of your bathroom making it elegant and classy without wasting much on cost.

3.     Add-On Storage

For making most of the space, add a cabinet in any free walls. Using wooden boxes and fixes, you can give a new cupboard for your other purposes like medicine, sanitary items and all. Get creative and use the place above the toilet to make a cabinet. This way, the place can get utilized and the bathroom doesn’t get cluttered too.

4.     Save on Counter Tops

Granite countertop is the popular trends for the season. People love the basic granite look in their bathroom countertops. In a small kitchen, space is confined, and the investment is often low as compared to the other parts of the house. The granite counter can cost you more but there are options if you still want to have granite countertops. Look for the colors which are popular and trending. It is obvious that they have to be expensive because they are in demand. To save money, go for the colors which are not trending and choose a wider swatch of colors. It can cost you less and you can have the same countertops without compromising on the looks.

5.     The perfect look

 The-perfect-lookSmall bathroom lacks in the storage space. The built-in shelves make the huge differences here. Built-in shelves look good, practical and give an artistic look to the bathroom. The same way basin legs acquire the place and make it too busy. Glass shelves, a wall mounted valve, built-in sink and basin prevent the bathroom looking to fill and keeps the place clean and tidy. One of the highlights the bathroom is to keep bright walls, like white and yellow, and to open up the entire space. 

6.     Go green

When you are planning to modernize and give a nice decor to your bathroom, do not forget to go green. You can do the upcycling method to upgrade your bathroom looks. With some of the accessories in your home, convert it to nice bathroom accessories which can attract anyone’s attention. Use old tin cans to make a nice toothbrush holder or decorate it beautifully to add fresh flowers in it. One of the other ways is to use Mason jar to make a soap dispenser. This can be made beautifully at no cost.

7.     Mirror effect

mirror effectEveryone knows that a mirror can enhance the look and create the illusion for more spaces. Keep a big mirror at the middle of the bathroom. Install a floor to ceiling mirror which can make the space bigger and spacious. It can also make the place brighter with the brighter wall color.

8.     Good lighting

A good lighting is very important to complete the look of your bathroom. Choose LED lights that last and you cannot have to replace it again and again. If you want to make it more stylish, try out can lights which suit the requirements of the bathroom and also lighten up space. Go for can lights to lighten up space. And last but not the least, make up a place for natural lighting which is always best. Try and allow the sun to pour inside whenever its possible.

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