A Guide on How to Find the Perfect Vintage Decor


If you are a fan of vintage furniture or home decor, you are likely aware of the many challenges that come along with trying to find the right pieces for your home. Shopping around for vintage decor can be a challenge, since you never know what you will find at many vintage markets, antique stores, or other secondhand retail locations. While there is no denying that furnishing or decorating your home with vintage pieces can be more challenging than shopping for brand new items, doing so can be as easy as chartering a flight with Access Global with just a bit of knowledge and preparation. If you’re looking for some tips for finding the perfect vintage decor for your home, keep reading!

1. Check Estate Sales

One of the best ways to find vintage furniture and decor is by visiting estate sales in your area. Often, estate sales will be advertised via flyers or yard signs in your neighborhood, or can otherwise be found on websites such as estatesales.org. This is not only a great way to find unique vintage pieces that would not be available elsewhere, but items for sale at estate sales are often available at a lower cost than they would be at antique markets or similar secondhand retailers. If you’re searching for the perfect vintage decor for your home, stopping by a few estate sales is a must!

2. Search Online

Thanks to sites like eBay as well as mobile apps like Depop and Poshmark, shopping for the perfect vintage items has never been easier. While searching for specific, unique vintage items online can be challenging, it is often beneficial for those who know exactly what they are looking for. Searching for vintage items online is also a great way to compare and contrast prices for popular vintage items, to ensure that you are getting the best deal whether you are shopping online or in person.

3. Shop Small

While you might feel that specialized antique markets or vintage shops are the best place to find the items you are looking for, the truth is that many smaller thrift stores or consignment shops often receive vintage items as donations and list them for sale. This means that you might find the specific piece of furniture or decor you have been searching for not at a high end antique market, but at your local thrift store!

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