7 Tips for Creating a Stylish Home Office

7 Tips for Creating a Stylish Home Office

From 2020 onward, many people have started to consider their homes their new working spaces. Due to the pandemic, office managers have allowed employees to decide whether to return to their previous working environment or remain at home. Other companies established a hybrid working mode with several days per week set as a home office.

If you, too, have decided to work from home as much as possible, you’ve come to the right place. The following tips provided by professional painters and decorators working for Fantastic Services will help you make a comfy and stylish home office. Let’s get started.

1. Incorporate Plenty of Lighting

Psychologists say that many people who have gone out of the no-window small offices to the lighter and cosier home desks became twice as productive. They point out the proper lighting as the factor that increases the working capacity.

So here’s the only golden rule to follow when designing your home office – combine natural with artificial light. If possible, your desk location should face the window. Then, go for two small lamps at the two diagonal corners. A handyman with an electrical license will be able to assist you with installing the lamps on your walls.

2. Create a Quiet Space

Quietness is a must for any working environment. Whether you are a digital marketing specialist, an application developer or an HR consultant, you need silence to focus, concentrate, think, re-think, and edit. At home, you might face the same problem you had in the office, but instead of a noisy colleague, you might get a noisy neighbour.

Try to avoid this disturbance by moving the working zone to a room where it’s comparatively quiet. For example, move as far away as possible from your kids’ room and the kitchen.

3. Choose the Right Colour Scheme

Any professional decorator will tell you that if you change the shade of your working environment, you can increase your productivity. In colour therapy science, every nuance influences people’s moods. At your work desk, you might need more peace to make the accounting calculations or come up with inspiration to make your advertising copy more original. Different jobs might need different colour schemes, for instance:

  • All bright shades like yellow, orange and even pink are suitable for people who need more creativity;
  • Light grey, beige, or off-white provide a clean and calming backdrop for a home office. These shades are versatile and can complement various decor styles.
  • Green is an essential compromise everyone can benefit from because it relaxes and restores the balance between your mind, body and emotions;

Attention: avoid too-darkcolour schemes like black or saturated purple because they will bring some gloomy air into the atmosphere.

4. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic models do cost more, but your health is always worth it. These days there’s an increasing number of health conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder strain, circulatory issues and carpal tunnel syndrome. All of these stem from prolonged sitting and poor posture.

Ergonomic furniture will save you lots of problems and discomfort in the long run and relieve the ache if you already have some.

5. Add Plants

At first, it sounds so good not to leave your place in a rush and finally get those extra 30 minutes of sleep. Yet the more time you spend at home, the more isolated from the world you will feel. You can avoid this by getting something from the outside world. Living plants are excellent and budget-friendly options for this purpose, and they contribute greatly to your interior styling.

The presence of plants relaxes the mind, improves your mood and reduces stress levels. You also already know that they purify the air and increase the humidity levels. Having plants at home can also help foster a sense of connection with nature, even in urban or indoor environments.

6. Use Storage Smartly

In small living spaces, it’s almost impossible to have a home office zone. But with the right approach and some smart ideas to incorporate into your domestic renovations, you can fix this issue. As a matter of fact, a home office needs nothing more than a desk with a chair, some cabinets and drawers. Everything else is more or less home office decor.

So, here are some excellent storage ideas:

  • Use the walls rather than the floor. Put shelves above the desk and at your two sides;
  • Get a desk with in-built cabinets to save some space;
  • De-cluttered often to avoid the unpleasant sense of working in chaos;
  • Leave printers, scanners, etc., away from your main working area. You can put them inside the closet or in the basement. Having a 1-minute walk outside your chair several times daily is highly healthy to avoid medical risks due to sedentary life.

7. Choose a Good Location

Besides the lighting and the quietness, some other factors will point out where the best location for work is:

  • The more solitude you need, the more distanced your office area from the kitchen and the kid’s room should be. It’s totally ok to move to the attic or the garage to have your artistic studio if you cannot paint while hearing “Mom!” 70 times per minute;
  • Hence, if you have small kids, you might need to keep an eye on them while working. In case your job occupation allows it or you just run your small family business, you can install a compact desk and chair in the corridor small niche right next to the kid’s room door;
  • Last, but not least, consider moving to the balcony, if possible, during the warm days. It will help you reduce stress when you feel stuck in your home while working and living in it 24/7.

Have Professional Decorators Help You

If you are in a rush right now or just have no time to take care of the kids, work from home and renovate, simply use professional handyman services. Search for the best local painters and decorators, share your concept with them, so they can help you out.

A home office area should be comfy, pleasant and inspiring enough. Once you create the spot you have ever dreamed about, you might be 100% confident that your productivity and creativity will increase. And finally – you’ll get your boss’s pat on the back.

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