Woodieful Chair: Playful furniture with tons of functions

With the need to reduce non-recyclable waste and non-biodegradable materials in our daily life, Woodieful Chair is made from 100-percent durable and long lasting natural wood. Designed to simplify your life with incorporation of design breakthroughs as multipurpose furniture, Woodieful chair is all set to go for production and sales management via Kickstarter.

The team behind this idea is a group of young design enthusiasts with three women under the leadership of the designer Klavdija Jarc. This piece of multipurpose furniture is meant to revolutionize your everyday life by not just modernizing it with flawless design and aesthetics, but at the same time simplifying it by solving different purposes.

The multipurpose chair

Woodieful features as a chair, but actually it is much more than a mere seating unit. This chair made from the best attainable wood can function as a shelf/table with slots for keeping your books and magazines at easy reach. You can use it the way your day requires. For instance, if you want to add an extra table for your guests – just flip your Woodieful chair and the problem is solved.

The making of Woodieful Chair

Woodieful Chair (1)

When the idea struck designer Klavdija Jarc and her team, they had a clear vision of what exactly they wanted the chair to be like. The finest quality beech wood is chosen specifically for its durability and resistance to harsh environment, this it increases life of the chair. The basic structure may be square, but the rounded corners and elegant compartmentalization converts this square block to a piece of sophistication and design genius.

Plans for the Woodieful Chair

The prototype had been marketed and displayed at various shows and exhibitions, where the product was tested in the market with positive results. Woodieful chair will launch pledge filing on Kickstarter from April 25th 2016 to derive support from crowdfunding, while globalizing the brand.

Source : Woodieful.Com

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