Insiders and Experts reveal the best TV of 2017

The TV market is bubbling with new options and newer technology. The prices are in congruence with the quality of the appliance. The TV sets have evolved from the standard, once satisfactory 1080 pixels to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and 4K televisions. With betterment in quality and the increase in the number of choices, the consumers often finds themselves clueless among a mind boggling number of options. Here are a few keys from experts to make the right selection:

  • HDI: High Definition ratio is one of the main features that one should look forward to. It gives much more information to the display than a standard video signal. The range of colors and amount of light each pixel can produce is much broader. HDR displays can generate more colors.
  • Interestingly, HDR comes in two variants. One is the open version and the Dolby version, the other is the more advanced one. Digital video streaming platforms like Vudu and Netflix offer content in Dolby format.
  • OLED displays are rare for Televisions. They are different from LED-backlit televisions. According to experts, they use the same technique of illumination as plasma TVs. The only difference is that OLED TV’s are more compact. A deterrent factor for OLED TV’s is its extremely high price. In the same breath, it would not be wrong to state that OLED TV’s are still a rare luxury that would add to your hall pride.
  • The size factor: Based on the distance of the viewing place to the TV stand, one can decide the size of the screen of the TV. Remember, oversized TV’s can be as uncomfortable as small TV’s
  • Refresh rate mystery revealed: The myth that higher refresh rates would lead to smoother viewing is nothing but a misnomer. The correct way, however is to maintain the balance between the need and the facilities. While for normal video viewing, a 60 HZ refresh rate would be fine enough, while playing games the best range is 120 HZ.
  • Contrast ratio is another key factor which helps us make a choice. The mantra here is that most TV’s have a five digit contrast ratio. We should not get confused by vendors who vouch for high contrast ratios. LG’s OLED TVs however have been tested to have an infinite range of contrast.
  • In the age where web TV has become the norm, the presence of Apps and services is the name of the game. Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and YouTube could be some of your choice categories. Televisions also come with inbuilt services or third party services for software provision.
  • Calibration and a wonderful sound system could be the final touches one could give once your TV is set up. While some may pay for professional calibration with regard to the commoners, it is nothing but a wasteful expense.

Features like 3D have faded and they are no more the pulse of the market, no more the only fun thing. The 3D TV has died an untimely death.

  • The story of the curved TV is somewhat different. Experts opine that the manufacturers have created a false hype about curved TV’s. The reality is simpler- it gives the feel of little immersion. Be wise and make your choice based on personal needs.

With such an exhaustive list of features to look for in your next TV, buying it would be easier than spinning a wand.

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