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Shift’s new sideboard 2

Shift’s new sideboard rearranges by choice

Want to reinvent your shelves according to need and look, then Shift’s new tendency rearranging shelves are a good choice. Bringing function and design innovation together in a single piece of furniture, this sideboard can be arranged vertically/horizontally/ against a wall or as you please. Being adaptive in usage, these shelves can be rearranged as per your choice. For the ...

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Eco-friendly Lumir C LED lamp

Eco-friendly Lumir C LED lamp powered by a small candle

Lumir C LED Lamp is candle-powered lighting fixture, which is designed to provide eco-friendly alternative to battery lanterns.The word Lumir is a combination of two terms: Lumi means‘light,’ and Mir means‘the world.’Thus, this LED lamp is considered to be the world of light.Instead of battery-powered light sources, Lumir C requires asmall candle to provide sufficient light and brightness.Hence, a single ...

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