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exploring flooring options (1)

Things to consider when exploring flooring options…

At some point in time, each one of us dreams about owning a house. The way we care about our home tells how we care about ourselves and our loved ones. The new developments in the field of civil engineering and architecture have brought in some very drastic changes in the way we live and build our houses. While many ...

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Splyt light  (2)

Splyt light – reversible arboreal lamp or chandelier?

Imagine creating your own designs with your bare hands, be it a table lamp or an exotic chandelier. Splyt light gives you the power to decide what you want it to be, with no use of tools and a significantly affordable budget. Just like the regular lightbulb, splyt light uses the regular sockets and connectors for functioning, with the added ...

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West Ninth Vintage wall light (3)

West Ninth Vintage wall light creates industrial home decor

This decorative industrial light is a product by West Ninth Vintage that aims at creating a unique collection of old-age, industrial lighting and housewares. The designers have developed this handmade industrial light for homes, shops and offices. The flexible design makes it a functional piece of art as the light uses custom steel pulley wheel and vintage cloth wire for ...

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SpeetBox wood stove (1)

SpeetBox wood stove customizes to match with any interior

In collaboration with a French company SPEETA, designer Philippe Starck has formed an eco-friendly heating box named SPEETBOX. The product is a piece of furniture that represents the modular wood stove that can be customized according to your needs and preferences. The wooden stove has several stackable cube boxes that are easy to arrange in different formations, suiting your living ...

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Green Stacks  (1)

Green Stacks by Stephanie Lopez for natural home decor

Decorating houses with green plants is a healthy way to enhance home interior. Stephanie Lopezhas made an addition to green home decor by inventing Green Stacks. The green stacks look wonderful as the modular green walls, enhancing your home interior with an additional function of providing a healthy atmosphere. The lightweight green stack is easy to place alongside a wall ...

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Air Bonsai

Air Bonsai adds dynamic element to static houseplants

Everyone is fond of indoor plants- as plants not only enhances home décor, but also provides healthy atmosphere. However, Japanese company Hoshinchuwants to make your indoor gardening more amusing with Air bonsai- a tree that floats effortlessly in mid-air.The magical series of miniature Bonsai trees is able to levitate and rotate using magnetic energy. This is designed to allow people ...

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How to Keep Your Bath Towels Squeaky Clean

    Everyone loves a bath towel that is fluffy and smells fresh, but not everyone knows how to achieve this ideal. After all, if you are clean when you get out of the shower, how dirty can your towels be? After several days of use and perhaps not getting dry between showers, your bath towels can begin to get ...

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7 essential tips for small bathrooms with shower

    Small bathrooms with showers are a smart bet because unlike bathrooms with bath, they are more comfortable and functional, and allow you to save space. Most designs for small bathrooms have a shower; it is logical and very space efficient. Today we will focus on 7 essential tips for small bathrooms with walk in showers: 1. Showers with ...

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