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Woodieful Chair (2)

Woodieful Chair: Playful furniture with tons of functions

With the need to reduce non-recyclable waste and non-biodegradable materials in our daily life, Woodieful Chair is made from 100-percent durable and long lasting natural wood. Designed to simplify your life with incorporation of design breakthroughs as multipurpose furniture, Woodieful chair is all set to go for production and sales management via Kickstarter.

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MIT’s Bow Spring Chair (1)

MIT’s Bow Spring Chair defines excellence in geometry

Conor Coghlan, an architectural graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design came up with the idea of a double bow spring chair. This unique design is extremely adaptive and blends perfectly with your interior while providing fully-efficient functioning. Conor says that the idea sparked when he was thinking about “how the arms and legs of a chair could work ...

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Sponge Table for a light feel (2)

Schemata architects creates Sponge Table for a light feel

Tokyo-based designer Schemata Architects has added another furniture design to their collection – the Sponge Table. The tabletop made of sponge has fine wooden material covering it beautifully and the wooden legs of the table are easily detachable.Designed for 21_21 Design Site Museum in Tokyo, the product will be a part of the exhibition ZAKKA: goods and things.

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Craft Combine  (3)

Craft Combine gives new life to old pallets in form of furniture

Korea-based designers from Craft Combine have designed pallet chairs with patterns using old, unused pallets. Usually the companies utilizewooden freight pallets for their everyday tasks but finally dispose them or burn them into ashes. But the designers at Craft Combinehave decided to give new life to retired wooden pallets rather than making them waste. They’ve beautifully converted old pallets into ...

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Fully-recyclable Folding Furniture   (1)

Fully-recyclable Folding Furniture by Ruben der Kinderen

You may find it easier to buy a new product than to have the old one repaired because of many complexities that arise. Moreover, wooden furniture is either too heavy for relocation  and most furniture products cannot be recycled and reused. Keeping all the aforementioned difficulty in mind, designer Ruben der Kinderen has created the folding furniture that you can ...

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